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The pitfall of web application

This blog will probably do some bashing against web applications and web development. The trend in the latest years can not be more clear, the community of software development is shifting forwards to the web; we can observe a fair growth of browser both in quality and quantity, a lot of jobs are also coming with the new ecosystem, think of DevOps, cloud engineer (AWS, GCP, Azure) or the waves JavaScript frameworks which also need qualified developers; which is a good sign for us programmers. Developers who take a bet on Desktop applications will not be unemployed any soon, since the demand for Windows API, Qt5 or even Java Swing is still high; but I would never advise anyone to specialize himself into those technologies unless he/she has a proficient reason to do it.

However as much as I enjoy the benefits a web developer enjoys, I can not really stand the sucky laggy UI an average application has to offers. I miss those days when a heavyweight program only needs a couple of hundred RAM to operate smoothly; those days a ‘native’ application could take gigs of RAM just to do some basic messaging (Yes, I am looking at you, Slack. But you are getting better with the native versions). Image your favorite photo editor (Befunky does not a bad job, but can not even be compared with GIMP), IDE (VS code or Jupyter Notebook are also not bad, but I could never code more than one hours with those two pieces of software) or AAA game as a browser or Electron-based app.

Yes, the world will move on. Yes, the users will be even more comfortable. But until JavaScript is capable of multithreading, I would still prefer native application any day.

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