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How to answer the questions about your adoptive family?

Remember, you owe strangers nothing, but you are responsible for your children’s happiness and owe them responses.


How much did they cost?

Beside of some legal fees,  lots of sleepless nights worrying about their diet.


Why did you adopt me?

Be honest, don’t lie, don’t sugarcoat the truth. In my case, I just don’t want to get own biological children but still want to give orphans or children without a family a new home.


Do you still want children of your own?

Well, they are children of my own and even when they don’t seem to be interested in computer science, I still want them.


Can’t you have any children of your own?

Uhm no, I am a male so there is no chance I can get children of my own.


What happened to my parents?

If you want to know your parents, we can arrange a meeting sometime soon.


Why did you adopt german children instead of your own country? (Vietnam)

Thanks for the reminder, I will have Vietnamese children on my shopping list next time.


Seriously, I already see stupid questions coming.

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